Poorthuis Packaging is a specialist in designing, manufacturing and decorating plastic packaging, particularly in the fresh fruit and vegetable (FF&V) sector. Our services consist mainly of:

  • Manufacturing of plastic packaging;
  • Decoration and printing, using IML, dry-offset printing and labelling;
  • Storage and distribution of packaging.

Poorthuis Packaging handles plastics based on PET, PS and PP and produces packaging by applying both thermoforming and injection moulding techniques. You can contact us for all popular sizes, colours and shapes. To suit your business objectives, Poorthuis Packaging also supports tailor-made  solutions. When it comes to decorating your packaging Poorthuis Packaging can assist you throughout the whole process. We offer methods like IML, offset printing and labelling, and are happy to provide you with professional and honest advice from start to end.


Why you should order packaging from us:

  • Large and guaranteed stock
  • Fast delivery
  • High quality
  • Competitive prices
  • Small quantities available too (for standard sizes)


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