Tailor-made packaging

Distinctive packaging by design and printing

Poorthuis Packaging is your partner when it comes to tailor-made packaging solutions. We gladly assist you in designing your decorations, developing a unique mould, and manufacturing your packaging.

Our team at Poorthuis Packaging is specialized in every part of the process:

  • Packaging: design, manufacturing, storage and distribution
  • Moulds: design, development and manufacturing
  • Decoration: desing, development and application


In line with our vision,  packaging without limits, we have diverse and advanced techniques at our disposal for each type of packaging. Whether they are round or square containers, or packages with relief; the possibilities are endless.

When it comes to improving your existing packaging or customizing your packaging for multiple automation processes and production lines Poorthuis Packaging is your trusted partner too.


Curious about what tailor-made packaging can mean for you?

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